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PP-EJ: Handmade & Upcycled Jewelry

Using thick lace as a basic element, knitted using a crochet hook, adding cristal strass and upcycled elements, PP-EJ compose lively necklace, bracelet or brooch.

Handmade : Every creation is handmade in Paris, France.

Upcycled ? Upcycling is using or re-using something with a different purpose than expected. Upcycling gives a new life to accessories and gives PP-EJ many opportunities to create jewelry.

Buckles, webbing, strap or whatever can be found in a haberdashery, are diverted from their use by PP-EJ to create original upcycled jewelry.

Who & Why ?

Eun Jung Choi is a korean designer based in Paris. She started her fashion design studies in Seoul before coming to France where she graduated from the Studio Berçot and the Académie Internationale de Coupe de Paris.

In 2015, Eun Jung presented her own accessories brand, "Pourquoi Pas EJ", or "PP-EJ". Eun Jung has always been fond of the crochet hook, and had the idea of using this tool since she was ask by Rue de Maille to create a necklace.

PP-EJ is at the crossroad of all Eun Jung influences: painting, art, music, food, cinema, architecture... There's no real concept, except the feeling of freedom implied by the name... "Pourquoi pas" means in french "why not". Why not wear this ? Why not enjoy that ? Why not go there ?